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Quality that lasts for generations.

Oak sawn timber is the heart of our production program.

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Market leaders

12.700 m2

Pre-drying capacity

1.700 m3

Kiln drying capacity

12.000-15.000 m3

Volume of timber products in stock

4500 m2

Dry goods warehouse capacity




Exports to Europe and Asia

auric timber d.o.o. is a market leader in the production and supply of Slavonian Oak sawn timber.

Production technology

We are constantly investing to develop and improve our production line to meet market demands. From sawing, edging, pre-drying, kilning, grading, measuring and packing, we strive to have the best technology operated by highly skilled staff to provide our customers with the highest possible product quality.

Slavonian oak

Oak has long been a respected and revered tree species. In many different cultures it is a symbol of power and wisdom that connects the earth with the sky. This noble tree is known and widely appreciated for its strength, durability and beauty, as well as for the natural gold colour of its wood.

Our product

All our grades are visually selected by just two chief graders, thereby ensuring the highest possible standards in grade consistency. By investing heavily in the knowledge, skill and ongoing safety of our employees, we aim to keep ahead of the competition.

Sustainable forest management

Our priority is the care and sustainable management of our forest. This is evidenced not only by the FSC® and PEFC certification, but by the dedicated and highly skilled forestry team. Their knowledge and passion for the entire forest ecosystem is central to our forestry stewardship. Our teams constantly strive to improve the forest and ensure production for future generations.


Striving always for business excellence, we offer outstanding reliability and quality to our customers.

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