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OakBoules — AB quality

Boules — AB quality

AB quality

Material prepared for carpenters who produce cleaner products in 100% uniform color from a single boule. Boules contain end cracks and follow the natural shape of the log, they are not made of only straight pieces. In the whole boule, 50 to 70% of the boards have to be clean. This means that the boule can contain knots and heart, but if we can measure 120 mm of the clean parts in 70% of the whole boule length. This is calculated as a clean piece. Sapwood isn't calculated as a mistake. On the clean pieces, 5 mm pin knots are allowed unlimited on the surface of the board, or one knot in the colour of wood up to 20 mm per two meters of length. Knots, heart, cracks, cupping and surface checks are allowed, but they need to be deducted per width in balance with the mistakes. For an example, if we have a curvy heart on the board with some knots near to the heart with total width of 80 mm, we will make a deduction visualy and according to the other clean part we will deduct the width for 30 to 40 mm in total. Regular width deduction is between 10 to 40 mm on material width. Material can be produced on demand and according to some special parameters like lenght, grade and diameter. We offer special prices for this types of products.

      27 mm, 33 mm, 40 mm, 52 mm, 65mm, other thickness on demand
      2500 mm+
      160 mm+