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Production program

OakUnedged timber — Unedged timber AB

Unedged timber — Unedged timber AB

Unedged Timber AB

Material used for the production of a large range of different lengths of clean products. It is not possible to get only long clean pieces from this material. This material has a wide range of uses from carpentry to industrial production. Material is cut from cleaner sawmill logs and stacked into bundles. Only full sappy boards and full knotty material is removed from total log production. In contrast, material with some knots or hearts on the board is allowed with some deduction. In principle, material is prepared in the way that we can take out from it approximatelly 60% of clean pieces, 100 mm and wider and 1000 mm and longer.

      27 mm, 33 mm, 40 mm, 52 mm, 65 mm, other thickness on demand
      2000 mm+ can be produce also some % in 1000-1900 mm lenght
      140 mm+ ( with some 5% material in 120 mm and 130 mm width)