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Production program

OakUnedged timber — Unedged timber ABC

Unedged timber — Unedged timber ABC

Unedged Timber ABC

Material is prepared for rustic grade production in full lenghts or for processing into smaller components, used for production of all types of smaller size clean elements. In the production of 27 mm, 33 mm, and 40 mm thickness, the whole log is sawed and stacked in the package. While the packages containing 40 mm, 52 mm and thicker boards, the full sappy boards are removed from the package. There is no limitation of knots and cracks, some bigger cracks are deducted from width.

      27 mm, 33 mm, 40, mm 52 mm, other thickness on demand
      1800 mm+ with max. 20% material in lenght 1000-1700 mm
      120 mm+ ( with max. 10% material in 100 mm and 110 mm)